Why I have NOT added The Word “HON” In My Social Media Sites – Bonnie Musambi Speaks



Kitui Central Mp hopeful Mr Bonnie Mutisya Musambi has eventually revealed why he doesn’t use the word honourable just like other politicians in kitui county.

Traditionally, Many politician when they aspire for political offices they tent to force people to be called honourable members even when they are not been elected.

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Speaking to the TCD, the prominent journalist cum politician and front runner in kitui central parliamentary race has explained why he doesn’t want to be called honourable .

Many people ask me why I have not added “HON.” to my Social Media names. My honest answer is:

– I am not yet elected, so not yet “honourable”

– Even when elected, I feel calling yourself “honourable” may not be appropriate; sounds like pride. Let people call you that, not you.

So for me, I am Boniface Mutisya Musambi.

Musambi’s dominance in kitui central and how he has escalated his campaign trail is ostensibly giving the incumbent Mp Dr Makali Mulu a run for his million. Kitui central is set to elect either the change they want or the status quo.

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It’s about choice, make the right decision, your vote is your Future, Bonnie Musambi represents the future of kitui central.