Kitui Senator denied KCHIC registration, following his Earlier Stand.


You can not register a program you keeps fighting Everywhere KCHIC clerk tells Kitui Senator wambua”

Kitui Senator Hon kio Wambua, who has been at logger head with Governor Ngilu, on Saturday was in kabati with his family, finally trying to register for Kitui universal health cover.

The Senator who has not been seeing eye to eye with Governor Ngilu, is reported to have called the governor last week and apologized for not supporting the program.

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The drama ensued when the senator arrived to register but the kchich clerk who were there did not take it easily, it’s is reported the clerks took the registration device and Left the Senator stranded, its not clear if the clerk acted on someone instruction or Not.

The senator addressing media in kabati market

Addressing media the Senator wambua said he wanted to prove to kitui people that he supports the county government program on Health insurance cover, but it has always been misunderstood,Misinterpreted by her supporters, I will follow those clerks wherever they are and register senator fumed.

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