Your Time is Up Bonie Musambi Tells Mp Makali Mulu


By Baraka Muli, yoana kimwele

On 9th, October 2020 – Kitui Central 2022 MP hopeful Bonnie Musambi said there’s need for leaders to be true to the cause and offer a “wide range of prioritized development”.

Speaking at Kitundu village of Mulango in Kitui Central Constituency, Musambi faulted the current MP for “focusing on some areas of development and neglecting very key areas of community development”.

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He said monies meant for community development (CDF) need public scrutiny and accountability saying there’s need to get priorities right and ensure all areas benefit from the allocation

“Leadership is more than just promises, plans and projections. True leadership envisions growing the people by empowering their ventures” He said.

He emphasized on the need to support the social-economic welfare of the residents, improve in the utilisation of public funds and transparency in leadership.

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