You will never see the footprint of Al-Shabab in kitui again Leaders assures Netizens


The recurring insecurity challenges in volatile kitui East Constituency, kitui South and Mwingi central constituency were several people have lost lives and scores injured is set to be a thing of the past, if the measures being put by Kitui County Commissioner Mr. John Odengo will be implemented to the letter.

On Friday the high-level parliamentary committee on administration and national security committee led by the chairperson visited kitui county on a fact-finding mission, Where they held a two hrs closed meeting at the county commissioner’s offices before proceeding to Volatile Mutha ward in kitui south and kitui East, and in Mwingi.

Journalists waited for about two hrs and when they come out they announced they will not talk much, they will proceed to Mutha and Imuumba fact-finding mission and they will brief the press once they are through with the mission.

Present were kitui south Member of Parliament Dr. Racheal Kaki Nyamai, kitui central Mp Dr. Makali Mulu, kitui east Mp Hon Nimrod Mbai and Mwingi central member of parliament hon Dr. Gideon Mulyungi and host of security officers.

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Not everybody likes to pick unnecessary fights, But sometimes some provocative people will not only step on your toes but will crash it and still try to grind it on the ground despite the pangs of pain racing through your nervous system, Kitui east Mp said.

That’s exactly what the Somali Al-Shabab gangs has been doing to the people in Mutha in Kitui South Constituency and Imuumba in KEC. Several attempts by kitui leaders to solve the constant problem has almost proved futile given the camel owners seems to have corrupted the security system and the local government or the owners are prominent leaders who are well connected in the sitting government. Nimrod stated.

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The result has been countless deaths in the hands of armed terrorist posing as camel herders and displacement of hundreds of families from their rightful homes in fear of the banditry attacks, But this time the government has shown the commitment of ending the insecurity.

In kitui we have insensitive and self-centered leaders, Kitui east Constituency is privileged to have Nimrod whose Boldness is unmatched, he sensitive, the trained cop is known by his special tagline, Kama Mbaya mbaya, he is among the peoples’ servant in kitui, Mutua Mwonga, The resident of Chuluni told county diary

Kitui east Mp Hon Mbai, inside the chopper with his Colleagues off to Mutha and Lumumba in kitui east for security fact-finding mission.

“As the saying goes, a real man farts as he pees, this guy is such a man. I’m not applauding him on friendship scale but on leadership decorum and fearless chap, He is the among few MPs who spend their weekends at constituency with the people who sent them to parliament, Mutua added.

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But that’s nothing as compared to the efforts and fights he has put forward in trying to drive Somali herders away from invading his constituents land.

Sometimes, the Mp put his own life at stake in defense of his people from dangerous and armed bandits. Even now, he has been camping with displaced people in Imuumba, sleeping on open fields enduring all the biting coldness, That’s a sacrifice, isn’t it? Mp personal assistant told county diary

High-level security meeting led by National parliamentary security committee and administration alongside kitui MPs outside the county commissioner’s office in kitui.

Kitui residents continue to laud members of parliament led by kitui south mp, Dr. Kaki Nyamai, hon Nimrod, Hon Makali Mulu, hon Gideon Mulyungi, kitui senator hon Wambua, kitui women rep hon Dr. Irene kasalu for coming together and fighting a very hard battle constantly to solve the insecurity issues.