You will go Home before me Ngilu Tells off MCAs


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Governor Charity Ngilu has told kitui county Assembly representatives that they will go home before her, ” I don’t think you are experienced politicians than me, the Governor was speaking on Wednesday at Kanyaa Mwingi west during Jamhuri day celebrations.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has told off Kitui MCA’s that they should stop threats to remove her from office. According to the Governor Ngilu, the MCA’s should pass the supplementary budget for the people of Kitui to get development in line with their constitutional mandates and stop daily threats. A section of the MCA’S led by kiomo kiethani had threatened not to pass bills from the executive or the supplementary budget if the CECM implicated in the bush clearing scandal do not resign.

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Ngilu was speaking at the Jamhuri day celebrations at Kanyaa,Mwingi west, Wednesday. She used the example of Makueni MCA’s that opposed the governor in his first term and denied the people development and how they were all voted out in the 2017 general elections. She urged the MCA’s to pass funds so as to help fight poverty in Kitui.

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According to Ngilu, if the MCA’s do not pass the moneys they will be denying the people of Kitui development and not her. She further blamed the majority members for saying that she is not from the Wiper party. She added that was giving Kalonzo a bad picture and derailing him, “kyama ati kyama ti Leu, andu aa manzakuiye omesi ndyi Wa kyama kya wiper..Okila Ivinda Gavana itiukumya kivilani”

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