You have failed Kitui, Residents admonish Kitui Ministry of Water



On 18th August 2018 – Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu won the last hotly contested gubernatorial election based on her highly decorated and chequered CV in public service.

Chosen by the majority of Kitui County electorate on the platform of Kavaa Mama Clarion call (A Mother Is Better ) the former Presidential candidate stood tall among her nondescript peers as the only able leader who could end the perennial water challenges in Kitui County.

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Four years down the line, the Ministry of Water has not adequately delivered the promised water distribution to the people of Kitui despite assurance from the Ministry of Water top echelons.

Governor Ngilu, being a true servant of the people and the development footprint leader who has always left a mark wherever she leads – many are in the opinion that the Officers in the Ministry of water need to be put to task — the water honchos are currently embarrassing the Governor Ngilu.

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The Ministry of Water has continued to attract criticism from members of the public for allegedly awarding tenders to contractors and failing to make sure contractors adhere to the set BQs requirements.

The latest case involve Nuu Earth Dam, Kyatune bore hole pipeline extension, Kwa Kinyai water extension, the perennial water rationing in Mwingi, not forgetting the famous Kangu Kangu water project among many others white elephant projects

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The people all over are imploring the Governor Ngilu to walk around and inspect the existing water projects across the county.

Many are of the opinion that the Governor will be shocked.

“let the Governor move around and inspect these projects herself, she will be shocked, the projects are poorly done” Nuu Ward MCA Hon Kawaya told news reporters in Kitui.