You have failed Kenyans, Kitui Senatorial Hopeful threatens demonstration


Kitui Senatorial hopeful Hon. Tata has requested the teachers in Mwingi to release the pupils to go and chase away the insects from the shambas. Tata termed the locusts invasion as a ‘serious disaster”: PHOTO/FILE

Kitui Senatorial hopeful Mr Charles Kathingi Nguú aka Senator Tata has challenged the government to come up with a lasting solution in regard to locusts invasion in the country.

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“The county and national governments have failed terribly in averting the locusts disaster. This is not only sad but regrettable” said Tata.

Tata has therefore threatened to call the mother of all demonstrations in Kitui;

“i quote ” we may call for “maandamano” to the county offices in Kitui township to wake up the sleeping governments;- both county and National.

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Senator Tata has also requested the teacher to release the pupils to go chase the insects from the shambas.

It’s a serious disaster, the situation is getting out of hand, Tata has said.

We continue to ask the county and National governments to take this matter seriously and contain this imminent disaster which will ultimately lead to food scarcity for both human and animals.

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It’s a sad situation now in Mwingi sub-counties and environment..

Where is the spraying happening? Senator Tata posed.

Is it effective or it’s another scandal in the making?

How come these insects have not been contained irrespective of the promises made by the Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe and the concerned county minister or the spray effectiveness in 3 days?

Who is fooling who? He asked