By Steve Mutua.

Whenever you go against nature, whenever you suppress natural instincts, you are the loser. In fact, sin is going against nature, and as you all know, since today is a Sunday, “Your sins will find you out”!

I find celibacy the most stupid suppression of nature. Only impotent people can become celibate. You are in the hands of nature, nature is not in your hands.

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Listen to this:

Paddy nearly has an accident at work, and he is so shocked that he decides to become a reformed Christian. He tells Maureen that he is going to give up sex for a month.

With only a few days to go before the end of the month, Paddy and Maureen are shopping together in the local supermarket. Maureen leans over a tray of apples and Paddy gets a good look at her chest and nearly goes mad. A few minutes later, Paddy sees her thigh when her dress gets tangled in another customer’s shopping cart. In the confusion, he loses all control of himself, forgetting his vow of celibacy completely.

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A few days later, Paddy goes to confession and tells Father Murphy that he has broken his vow. The priest tries to console him, saying that after all the days and nights of his great effort, God and the church would forgive him.

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“I’m not worried about God and the church,” replies Paddy, “but Maureen and I feel terrible because they won’t let us back in the supermarket!”