You Can Not Stop Idea whose Time has come.


By The County Diary

27th November 2018

It has been said You cant stop change when its coming and no one can stop an idea whose time has come ,William Ruto is the idea.

William Ruto presidency is inevitable no matter how much the dynasties struggle to mudsling our able Deputy president HE William Ruto.

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The dyansties are unhappy with the way things are going and they believe in by shaking things abit things may change to their favour. Some of the seasoned politicians and the dynasties have been walking around with their ill-advised entitlement that only them must serve in certain position and be the king makers.

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Its time for the tyrants to take a back seat and allow the hustler nation steer the country, Let the despots know that William Ruto’s presidency is unstoppable its like a relentless locomotive arriving at the station you cant stop it

.#WSR_UNSTOPPABLE. Spread the gospel