You Can Not Bypass Governor Ngilu, Your Resolutions ARE Null & Void, Mp Nguna Told


Any resolution In regards to Natural Resources Without the Endorsement of the Governor it is Null and Void, Mwingi West Mp Charles Nguna Told.

The County Government of Kitui under the leadership of Charity Kaluki Ngilu is committed into a sustainable environment Conservation, the Minister in charge of Tourism Sports, and Culture who doubles as the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources has said.

Today on 8th June 2020, four individuals led by Mwingi West Mp hon Ngusya Nguna held a separate meeting in disregard to the county leadership where it is alleged that he is inciting the Residents against the Governor Ngilu.

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The Minister in charge of Environment has said any Resolution in regards to the Kiroboko Sand without the involvement of The line Ministry remains Null and Void.

Anyone who comes across the area Mp Ought to Advise him to know his roles, tough speaking Minister told reporters.

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The Member of Parliament for Mwingi west Hon Nguna hosted a meeting to discuss the Controversial Kiroboko without the involvement of the county government officials.

The Minister Hon Patrick Koki Musau had Called for the meeting to be held at Ministry Head Office which the Mp Failed to Attend.

The County Government of Kitui will not approve anyone whose intention is Auctioning the county natural resources.

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Hon Charles Nguna Needs to understand his roles as an mp and if he cares to know he must refer to the constitution of kenya which bears the laws governing the Natural Resources and Land.

We Must separate Cheap Politics with the lives of the people, the arduous speaking CECM Told Reporters at his office.