You Are Ill-advised To Go Against BBI! – Kaluyu


By Hon. Jeff Kaluyu


6-Point BBI Truths.

The mood of the nation influences decision, in most cases.If you are against BBI right now you are against the mood of the nation.Politics is a sport and a lot is at play.We need changes but just differ in the method of implementation.

  1. We are very far from deciding how BBI needs to be effected. There needs to be a summary that catches majority of the BBI in a short form.BBI education has to be done otherwise we leave it to politicians to interprete it for their voters.

  2. Someone has to create and agree on the necessary questions that will reflect the changes.This takes a lot of arm twisting. Time.For example you can’t give counties 35% of budget without fixing corruption controls or controlling which new functions go to counties.

  3. Those who are reading from the constitutional angle believe that most of the elements of the BBI can be solved without referendum.Others believe BBI was not founded through a constitutional prescription.Nevertheless all kenyans believe a change is needed.So let’s change and add a constitutional clause that we can change things this way. After all constitution reflects what people want.

  4. Referendum is expensive. If it’s about nationhood I don’t think we can afford it separately. I have advocated all through for a combined 2022 election and referendum event.My reasons are obvious.Referendum will split the nation into half leading to 2022 thus brewing violence in 2023.If we pass it without scrutiny people will feel shortchanged too.We will need another BBI after this one.

  5. It’s mindless to be for or against a BBI that has not been broken down to the questions that will be voted for.Let’s be patient.There is too much tv noise and people taking positions that doesn’t exist.

  6. Also, lets learn what went right and wrong with the BBI project. In future let’s plan the whole thing on the ground including the questions and nature of interview including how we analyze it and the methods.

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No one is perfect but we can learn.

So my position is clear.There is nothing to be for or against right now. We need the BBI team to summarize it for the people.

Those that need immediate implementation through the constitution can go.

Those that can go through state agencies to go immediately.That need parliament to go immediately.

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And then leave the one or two that require referendum to be done during 2022 elections.

It’s reasonable and cheaper.

That’s what the the rest of the world does.