You are a disgrace to Kenyan Leadership, Kitui County Minority leader to Aden Duale


We thank God this Country is led through the spirit of handshake. The likes of Aden Duale left to advise the President by virtue of the position he holds as the Majority Leader the National Assembly, then we will have no Country to be proud of.

When Duale speaks you notice no difference with the sound those camels make when being driven away from our farms. We will stand firm, provide leadership and demand our people enjoy their right to security which for now seems to be a privilege, kitui Minority leader added.

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The charades of mockery directed to Kitui County Governor by the camel barons led by the National Assembly Majority leader Hon Aden Duale is unacceptable. Governor Charity Ngilu is a Leader of high repute and hon Duale must respect her,

We have not forgotten the call by the shameless Duale for grenades to be used to attack our people in Machakos. This Man is a disgrace to the Kenyan Leadership, kitui county Minority leader hon alex Nganga has said.