World Bank Lauded for Its Support for Kitui Municipality


By Yoana kimwele

The Kitui Municipality Board Chairman, Dr. Musyimi Mbathi, has highly thanked the World Bank for its support to the municipality.

The municipality is one of the Kenya’s 67 municipalities that are under the Kenya Municipalities Board.

The Kitui Municipality is composed up by seven wards namely Kitui Township, Kyangwithya East, Mulango, Kyangwithya West, Nzambani, Matinyani and Kwa Mutonga/Kithumula.

Mr Mbathi who is also the Kenya Municipalities Board Chairman, was speaking to the Kitui Town’s traders during a public participation meeting organised by the Kitui County Lands, Infrastructure and Urban Development Ministry at the Kitui Agricultural Training Centre recently.

We are here trying how we can improve the trade within our Kitui Town,” Mbathi said. We are looking to solve the problems affecting us as traders and municipality, he added.

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Dr. Mbathi said that each of the seven wards is going to benefit with the World Bank’s projects for the Kitui Municipality.

We the public are supposed to assist in the development issues for it is not every time we should say that it is the government that should do,” the chairman said.

He announced that last year the World Bank allocated the Kitui Municipality over 200 million shillings for development projects where he announced that they used the funding for the ongoing construction of the Kithomboani market in Kitui Town and water and roads projects in the town.

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He further added that, they are going to do a lot of development projects within the municipality through the World Bank’s funding.

Mbathi announced that they are going to put up a waste management project among other projects in the municipality through the World Bank’s funding.

Managing the waste is one of the mostly looked at anywhere in the world today,” the expert said. But the waste is a property for it can be used for recycling, he added.

He announced that there is a plan to transfer the Kalundu dumping site in Kitui Town because the site is near a river. The move is to save the river from pollution.

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We are going to transfer the dumping site to the Kitui County’s Kanyonyoo area or somewhere else in the county. The county has plenty of land,” Mbathi said.

The Kitui County Assembly Members Anthony Ndoo Mwanzia (Kitui Township Ward), Boniface Kilungya Katumo (Kyangwithya West Ward), Ruth Kyene (Nzambani Ward), David Thuvi (Kwa Mutonga/Kithumula Ward) and Josephat Nzamba James (Mulango Ward) also addressed the function.

The Kitui Municipality Board Vice Chairperson Mary Mbandi and Badi Muhsin, a board member, also addressed the occasion among others.