Women empowerment will accelerate County growth in Ukambani-Ngilu


Friday, June 28, 2019.
By county diary/liz Muthoka

Supporting women realise growth and influence development in the county will not only spur but accelerate growth in Ukambani, Kitui Govenror Charity Ngilu has said.

In a message delivered by the County Committee Member in the Ministry of Tourism Sports and Culture Mr. Patrick Musau, during the burial ceremony of the late Eunice Ndumi Mutinda, in Kavisuni, Kitui Rural sub County, the Governor pointed out women as key elements in the society that once empowered, the community would benefit at large.

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While calling upon women across the county to unite and form community-based development groups that would see them benefit to improve their livelihoods, the Governer added that this will attract community grants at village level.

“We have seen the Governor’s strong networks with NGOs. Women and youth are set to benefit more from willing donors if they come together and form community based groups” said the minister echoing the astute Kitui Governor.


Further, the governor called upon the people of Kitui to support her development plan saying the county had achieved a lot in the last one and a half years of her stay in office.

On her part, Mr. Musau urged residents to take advantage of Ngilu’s development projects saying they were life changing.

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He called upon those who were not registered for the county’s health cover to register.

Mr Musau was accompanied by the Advisor of Communications, Office of the Governor Ms. Fatuma Ngesa.