Women and youth to benefit from Poultry Farming- Ngilu


Kitui Women and youth to benefit from poultry farming says Charity ngilu

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Kitui Governor’s Press Service and Associate

Governor Charity Ngilu plans to have every village along river banks involved in agribusiness and those in the other areas rearing chicken.
The chicken include broilers and layers and the indignious(kienyeji) ones.

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She plans to have the community trained on chicken rearing and support those in riverbanks with the required machinery to help in vegatable farming.

“One trader is importing 400 crates of eggs from Kiambu and is selling them in our County, I won’t allow this to continue because Musangi can be empowered to produce these quantities, and instead of that trader buying them from other counties, they buy from Musangi right here” Governor Ngilu said.

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She said this when she visited Mr.Benjamin Nambali at his Kyandui farm, who is in the egg business. With only 1100 Chicken, he manages to supply 120 crates of eggs weekly, to a certain retailer in Kitui town.

“We will give out water pumps and tractors to those near riverbanks, so that they can produce vegetables good enough to be consumed in our county, so that we can stop the importation of the same from other counties, and have money circulating within our county”, said Governor Ngilu.

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She was accompanied by Ministry of Water Chief Oficer Benjamin Kioko Kiilu.