With Bonnie Musambi, It Does Not Rain – It Pours!



Kitui Central Parliamentary aspirant Bonnie Musambi must be the One the residents have been waiting for, The COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

His continued escalation and determination in philanthropic activities towards supporting youth talents in Kitui didn’t escape the mainstream media – but this time the incoming legislator Kitui Central MP must have outdone himself!

Enter Mbaki Mbaki, a popular Benga musician of repute and Bonnie Musambi goes ga-ga.

So it came to pass that when the revered, top notch media personality-turned-politician met Mulango’s finest Benga artiste “Kimoo”, the Musyau Boys band leader at his Nairobi office their chemistry struck a high note.

Bonnie didn’t mince his words.

” My tenure will not only boost, uplift and improve youthful quests in business but I will rope in musicians and keep fighting for their copyrights earnings via MCSK.

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Today I am pledging to sponsor Musyau Boys Band also known as Mbaki Mbaki with a brand new drum set to boost his music career”, said the powerful news anchor and a self styled activist.

Meanwhile, speaking after the meeting yesterday, the elated Musyau Band President said his wanton lack of drum sets and various musical instruments had been an Achilles’s heel and a great limitation to the growth and expansion.
of his musical career spanning 10 years.

“I am glad that Our Musambi is fully determined to uplift livelihoods of Kitui people and especially musicians not only in Kitui Central but in Ukambani as a region.

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Everyone must be very elated at this benevolent and philanthropic gesture. I can’t believe that by end of this month I will be a proud owner of modern state- of- the-art brand new drum set!”

This is not the first time Musambi is supporting Mbaki Mbaki Band.

In 2018, he sponsored the production of his latest album “Katindili Ke Muyo.”

As if that was not enough, a few weeks ago he sponsored Kithungo Raha’s Maima with an imported solo guitar that must have cost a fortune.

He is also the engine behind the late Matee Festo’s daughter, Martha Matee’s latest production.