Wiper Party Must Name, Ashame And Expel Corrupt Leaders


by jm Musoma

7th march 2019

Time has come for Wiper Democratic Movement to jealously and zealously guard her political ideologies inorder to form goverment as ruling party.

The reputation of our Presidential candidate is key in building public confidence towards the achievement of longterm goals.

The African dignitary man Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka has no option but to keep company with the right people and drop men with no wit to avoid guilty for association. Just like romance, politics is based on percieption and we will be judged on the environment we live in and the people we identify with.

The War on graft is already shaping public opinion ahead of 2022 polls and we must seize the moment coz it’s nolonger about manifesto and blue prints but a battle of integrity v/s curruption.

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We don’t want people with questionable reputations to hide in the umbrella of our party coz they are a liability to our vision and mission statement.

In the wake of this run away corruption and plundering spree,we are tasked as leaders to restore sanity in the society by ambolishing socio-economic cartels that breed corruption.

Devolution is at steak and we must rise to the occasion,play our part to protect and make it work. If we have to achieve vision 2030 strategic plans we must start by calling theft theft and not bad mannars.

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We must chastise our leaders to regard their core mandate and respect those who elected them by being faithful custodians of public resources. Any leader found liable of stealing from public coffers must be named, ashamed and expelled from the party.

The quality of our leadership is reflected in the standards we set and naysayers who delight in the hustler phillosophy that encourages rook and crook as a way of getting rich quickly or die trying must be excommunicated.

Counties are now dens of thieves with our Assemblies losing independence to ransoms by governors while PMCs and PPFs have became cash cows, avenues of manipulating policy formulation and implementation.

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We have lost track and any County under South Eastern Kenya Economic Block must be subjected to social and lifestyle audits. I ask Wiper party leader who was endorsed as patron of SEKEB to lobby his Majority leadership to cushion the body under a universal policy framework that will regulate expenditure to development ration to cub wastage.

Uncle Steve don’t be afraid to give up a good silly to go for the great Willy.We are fully behind you!!!

Thank you

Musoma JM
(The Man of chronical)