Wiper Moots Plan to Stop Ngilu Fame in Covid 19 War


KITUI Governor Ngilu’s growing national and global image in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic war is sending jitters in the Kalonzo led Wiper Movement boardroom meetings. Ngilu, as commentators aver, seems to have recovered from the resounding blow suffered on her by the Ruto-Kalonzo unslaught during the Kitui BBI meeting. The BBI rally in lower Eastern that took place in Kitui opened up a can of worms on the impending Ngilu versus Kalonzo showdown in 2022.

Last week, Governor Ngilu received accolades from the global public for being a front soldier in the war against Covid 19. Her landmark project dubbed the Kicotec turned sleeves overnight and started producing high-quality masks essential in the war against Covid 19.

But this has been interpreted differently by politicians to mean something more in the Political matrix of the region. The Wiper led faction has been tirelessly working to erode this “fame” from mama Ngilu including forcing their party leader to issue press briefings that are “parallel” to those of the Ministry of health.

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Speaking to a Wiper MP who was vividly angry, he questioned why Ngilu did not find it fit to include them in the mask production agenda. He revealed that they had held an online video call via Skype and discussed “Ngilu’s Covid 19 politics”. He said they had authoritatively warned Hon Kalonzo against keeping quiet to avoid the Ngilu- Raila planned overshadowing. Later, the Wiper Leader issued an Easter press statement and repeated Covid 19 safety measures.

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“All this image-making activities witnessed in the Kenyan Newspapers and the Washington DC media outlets, is a crafty Ngilu-Raila work. It is aimed at reshaping Ukambani politics and overshadowing Kalonzo ahead of the formation of regional Governments”, wrote a rather distraught Wiper MP who refused to be quoted. “Governor has not given people masks for free, it is better Kalonzo who has wished us Easter messages”, he thundered before hanging up in a hurry.

Pundits have continued to predict a more coordinated attack against the Kitui Governor in the coming few days. This includes, they say, Wiper leaders making rushed donations at the grassroots in order to discredit Ngilu. Already 20litre jerricans improvised for handwashing have started being splashed in online platforms.


“There is a systematic panic in the Wiper team. I expect them to purchase masks using proxies from KiCOTEC and dishing them out to the public in camera”, writes a member of the Kitui Professional Chats forum.

On the other hand, commentators have warned that the Kitui Governor should not be carried away by the moment. “She should move quickly to take charge on essential service providers like mama mboga, Boda Riders, health workers and the public sector and be seen to help them fight the pandemic”, they wrote.

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