Former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama found himself between a rock and a hard place after making damaging remarks on Wiper Party leader Kalonzo after he rejected the ex-senator’s offer to deputize DP Ruto in 2022.

The political guru short himself on the leg when he declared himself the Ukambani Kingpin rubbed the former Vice President in a wrong way. This is after the Special Kenya’s special envoy to Southern Sudan disowned his proposal to work with Deputy President’s Tangatanga side of the Jubilee Party divide.

“I will be on the front line with Uhuru, Raila and other like minded people in B.B.I reforms but there are those who want to push me from the high table” the former Vice President warned. ” We are here to look in to what is eating Kamba Nation. Everytime we are about to be on throne they make me diarehea but tell them today we have the medicine to that diarehea ” Musyoka reprimanded adding that Uhuru has won his heart coz he is determined to fight corruption

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Kalonzo’s sentiments were echoed by Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo a prominent member of Wiper Party “Muthama has lost his political mojo, it’s true previously he wa powerful but now he is not.That’s why he is not even a senator. Mr Musyoka will work with like-minded leaders and Ruto is not one of them. The Deputy Presisent does not even have a party.

Jubilee belongs to secretary-general Raphael Tuju who is holding it in trust for Central Kenya” said the vocal MP. Wiper legislatures led by National Assembly Minority Leader Robert Mbui, Kitui Senator Enock Wambua and former EALA MP Peter Mathuki said Muthama should exit the party if he cant toe in line with the internal policy. They stamped their moral authority to underline the resolutions passed during the December 23rd Yatta declaration that Kalonzo cannot settle for less than Presidency.

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However it is the continuous trolling by Wiper bloggers and party members with wide allegations that he is hired by Ruto to frastrate Musyoka that left the political giant shaking. “You all know Muthama is gun of hire for tangatanga,he should be the last person to give opinion matters Wiper as he is no longer a member of the party” political Activist Musoma JM charged. ” How can someone who has never attended our NEC meetings in the last two years purport to give us direction.

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He has never stepped his feet in the new Wiper Party headquarters and doesn’t even know where we are located” he revealed.

However he maintained that the former legislature is a respected public figure who had a good working relationship with Wiper Party before and therefore deserves his respect though he has always arm-twisted Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka. “Even elders make mistakes, we have deep respect for Muthama.

He is very wise and resourceful though he has always acted spoiler every time our party leader stands a better chance of Presidency” the former Makueni Parliamentary Aspirant reprimanded. “Muthama tactically pushed Kalonzo from KKK alliance with Uhuru and Ruto to play a second fiddle in CORD Coalition and unapologetically repeated it in NASA but should not be allowed again in 2022” ~ warned the activist.