Wiper Boxes Governor Kibwana Into Tight Corner


MAKUENI-Embattled Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana and his nondescript Muungano party found himself boxed into a corner as the Wiper party made real it’s threat to divorce the erstwhile partner.

The two parties became strange bedfellows, buoyed by months of name calling and mudslinging led by Kibwana against party leader and kingpin Kalonzo Musyoka.

Makueni County Assembly speaker Hon Mbilu broke the bedlam and uncertainty and issued a communication to the house that he had received the communication from the Wiper party prompting the change of guard in the house leadership.

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The Members of the county assembly who comes from Wiper will be seated at the government side while the minority Muungano lone MCA will sit at the opposition side in the assembly house.

There is a growing concern from Electorates from Makueni county who needs the service delivery yet the politicians are busy flexing their political muscles.

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Yesterday Wiper top officials and Kathiani MP Hon Robert Mbui, Kitonga Maanzo and Hon Musimba had met the Wiper MCAs in order to mediate between the two Wiper factions in Makueni before the party gazette’s the new wiper leaders in the county assembly.

There was a heated debate from the meeting when section of MCAs demanded Hon Maanzo to leave the meeting before the meeting could start because he had earlier issued a statement on the matter/ when the mp walked out, the meeting began, but the hon Musimba who has recently joined wiper asked to excuse himself for he did not want to be seen as taking position on the matter…


The meeting for Wiper MCAs did continue, and later the Kathiani Mp Robert Mbui told reporters that the party will be consulting all players before they nominate new leaders in the house