Why you Shouldn’t Mess Around With Mp Aisha Jumwa’s Swahili



Amid the second reading of the constitution of Kenya (amendment) bill 2020, Malindi legislature Aisha Jumwa chided Mp Robert Mbui like squirrel for not understanding the point she attempted to convey.

According to Kathiani MP Mbui Robert, the outspoken Malindi lawmaker shouldn’t have claimed that the Members of parliament were called back into the chamber after a lengthy stretch of rejuvenating at their palatial homes.

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Mbui’s understanding wasn’t in harmony with what Aisha Jumwa intended to portray. Listening keenly to her declarations, it’s clear she meant that MPs were beckoned back to the national assembly after spending some time relaxing.

However, Kathiani MP saw the fault in her statement and proceeded to convey that they were stopped from tumbling into the parliament due to the pandemic, were it not for it, they could be enjoying the positional authority and responsibility bestowed onto them.

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The Malindi lawgiver stated that Kiswahili is an official language within the boundaries of Kenya, therefore, it should be venerated and embraced.

She would proceed to attack the fellow MP by telling him to consider enrolling for a Swahili course, at least to boost his frail understanding of the Swahili language.