Why You Should Watch Mautyiio Ma Mukamba by Mality Media Ltd



Kitui County’s most innovative and premier media production company “Mality Media Ltd’, the award winning producer of Mautyiio ma Mukamba documentary – is again making headlines.

The trending flick, available on Youtube , is an hallmark documentary that once again sets the company on the roadmap to fame.

Here is what Nzisa, the producer at the Reality TV flicks company has to say:”Mautyiio Ma Mukamba is an ambitious documentary film that takes a hard look at the pre-colonial events and people in Kamba land.

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Mautyiio Ma Mukamba examines the ethnic Kamba belief systems, it’s folk stories and it’s Seers and Rainmakers vis a vis the events leading to the State of Emergency in the 50’s”.

The documentary investigates the life and real world evidence of prophets in the tribe, their shrines as well as the Kyamwilu magical site and places of much history like the Lukenya hill among other top secret occurrences.

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Here is the link to the trendingdocumentary;

Catch Nzisa on Twitter here;@MalityKenya