Why you NEED to Evaluate your Spiritual Growth


By Steve Mutua.

Don’t stunt your spiritual growth over something temporary and which in reality is a karmic business transaction. Yes, do your duty and give your best BUT dont get sucked into this game of illusion.

Go beyond and focus on your true soul journey. Spiritual growth means the strength and the power of your soul. Your soul journey is the evolution of your soul from low states to higher states of existence and that is the sole and primary purpose of your incarnation or existence on this earth. EVERYTHING ELSE is temporary and therefore an illusion.

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It is important to understand what is Real and what is Illusion. What is illusion is that which has limited existence. It is here now but you cant find it in the next moment. It is passing, it has temporary existence, it is a shadow, it is ever changing, comes and goes.

ALL things except the eternal soul qualities are just illusions. Relationships, life situations, events, material things, worldly power and prestige, name and fame, our bodies, our fleeting thoughts and feelings, our opinions etc etc. If we get attached to these illusory things, we must suffer because only the REAL can satisfy.

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For instance, many parents get into conflicts with their children about their profession of choice, their choice of wife or husband, their choice of friends etc. These conflicts make life miserable for everyone. But what EXACTLY is important between a parent and their child? It is the strength of the bond they share, the happiness they share, the fond memories they will live to cherish.

If I Am to die before my parents, on my deathbed, what will matter most to them? The career I chose against their wish? The woman I married against their wish? No. What will matter is the love and memorable experiences we shared together while alive. Those are the things that matter for the soul. Everything else came and passed in its time.

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Lets make this the criteria against which we evaluate how we are living every moment.