Ordinarily, we need new objects to have a sense of growth or evolution of consciousness. But soon, what was new becomes old and so we keep chasing new sensations and new experiences. Whereas this makes us physically progressive, it comes at a cost.

The cost is restlessness, anxiety, insomnia and other related issues due to constant discontent. This as well creates consumerism and shallow relationships which are hinged on the next big thing.

The reverse is also true. When we become too content with the old, we stagnate. So what is the way out?

What is needed is consciousness which is not object oriented. We need to cultivate the art and skill of detaching our consciousness from the objects of consciousness.

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You need a consciousness that is not bound with the object at all, which is beyond object. Then you have freedom: you can go to sleep when you like, and you can be awake when you like; no object is needed to help you. You become free, really free, from the objective world.

The moment you are beyond object you go beyond subject also, because they both exist co-jointly.

Really, subjectivity and objectivity are two poles of one thing. When there is an object you are a subject, but if you can be aware without the object, there is no subject, no self.

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This is what yoga is for, this is what yoga means. Yoga is the science of freeing yourself from subject and object boundaries, and unless you are free from these boundaries, you will fall into unbalance of either object obsession or stagnation.

“I am,” but “I” cannot exist in total loneliness; “I” exists in relationship with the outside world. “I” is a relata. Then the self, the “I am,” is just something inside you that exists in relationship to something outside.

But if the outside is not there this inside dissolves; then there is simple, spontaneous consciousness.