Have you ever noticed that you get intense interest in some things or in certain knowledge only at certain times? Similarly, interest in some things fades away naturally once they serve their purpose at that stage of life.

When it was time to carry your doll everywhere, you did not conciously create that desire. It came upon you spontaneously. The desire also left you spontaneously, without you deciding that it should go.

The same thing happened when the time to get sexually active came. You did not decide to become sexually active. And when the time for it to go will come, you will not hold onto it a minute longer.

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The same thing will happen with your desire for awakening or enlightenment. Events will happen that will precipitate the process.

Just as you cant naturally hurry the rains, let life flow its own way. Dont feel pressured to do or pursue anything that doesnt feel natural from your deepest core. You will be going against yourself and life will of course slam you hard.

You must be ripe before you can fall naturally from the tree. Take your time. Life is in no hurry. And stop comparing yourself with others. Our souls are not the same age.

Live naturally. Commit yourself to a well ordered and useful life. Harm no creature. Watch your thoughts, words and actions keenly so that none betrays the other and all you need will come to you in its time if you don’t manipulate or push life around.