Why you MUST Keep your eyes on the gauge.


By Steve Mutua.

Your unconscious determines how you perceive the world. Your conscious determines how you act or behave in the world.

Your unconscious is nothing but your repressed unfelt emotions accumulated over the years. The trapped energy clamours to flow and because you resist it, you see it everywhere because it colours your perception.

In cases of strong resistance, the energy creates the exact situation or event you are resisting. Fear is as creative as love. Both are two extremes of expression of the same creative energy inherent in all of us. You can manifest or create any situation either by fear or by love.

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Hence we have happy and contented millionaires and miserable millionaires as well. We have happy and contented poor beggars as well as miserable poor beggars. We have happy and contented marriage partners as well as miserable marriage partners.

The external situation or physical evaluation is the same but the inner reality is vastly different.

Between absolute fear (total unconsciousness) and absolute love (total consciousness) are gradations of the energy, and the different gradations determine what we call State or Level of Consciousness.

It is a measure of the vibrational frequency of your energies. Your level of awareness of your energy level determines your life experience regardless of your physical conditions.


Think about driving to a far town. You trust the fuel gauge to give you a proper estimation of the levels of fuel. When your tank is full, the gauge reflects that, and you feel secure and confident.

When the tank is almost empty, the gauge reflects the same and you are secure and confident because you will drive to the gas station and refill your tank. The most important thing is the fuel gauge. It helps you in making the proper decisions depending on the fuel levels.

The fuel is your consciousness level or state. The gauge is your awareness of your current state. Keep your eyes on the gauge. That we call WATCHFULNESS.