Why you Must Guard your Mind intuition


Whatever you take yourself to be, whatever you identify with in yourself, that is exactly what will make up your world. There are no two ways about it.

You know everyone lives in their own world, a world projected from and by themselves. Thats why we keep clashing and conflicting because we dont see the same thing in the world. We look at the same world but we see different things. Why? Different projections.


If you take yourself to just be a body, you will only see bodies everywhere, nothing else. You will only care for and protect the body, afterall thats what you are. All your life energies will go into attending to the bodily needs, and desires and protecting it from its fears.

Anything that threatens your body will automatically become your enemy.

You can take yourself primarily as the mind, and the game will be the same. You will be out to protect your opinions, your intellect, your knowledge. Anyone who threatens your opinion becomes your enemy.

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If you want to know what you are identified with, watch what you closely guard, for that is YOU.

To be completely disintentified is to be a nothing, a nobody. Thats very scary. As such, you have no defenses, for the body or for the mind. Then you are pure conciousness, and only then are you at home in the universe. As a body or mind, you must guard yourself against annihilation. As pure conciousness, you are one with everything, so what to fear? What to be afraid of??