Hard Talk.

By Steve Mutua.
Jesus was referring to the dualistic either/or human consciousness which cant grasp the whole but only perceive one sided extremes. That was not a condemnation but a simple statement of a fact. Our problem is when the factuality of our limited consciousness is pointed out, we take it as a personal insult and rebel.

The thing to understand is that in the limited dualistic mind consciousness, we always see one thing as being against another.

The mind assessee that both are equally valid and necessary. Our common everyday language as w sell betrays our limited ego perception. You have heard people say love alone cannot place food on the table, as if food alone can place love on the table!

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So ordinarily, mankind struggles on how to reconcile opposites but because he cants see that the “opposites” are only apparent, he gets caught up in a futile war, fights the ng darkness. In the example above, many people choose between “love” and “food” (material wellbeing) because they can’t see the possibility of having both!

Look at it closely in your life and you will see how this false dichotomy of either this or that but not both plays out.

The idea is not to serve either of the two masters but to become the MASTER whom they serve. If you make love and food your masters, you will be forced to serve only one. If you become a MASTER OF LIFE, they will become your slaves and serve you faithfully. That’s the ultimate discovery in life, that it doesn’t have to be either/or but both/and!

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That’s called transcendence of duality. Meditation self-study will take you there.