Why do women use children to fight her Husband?


The society is getting messy, noisy and nobody seems to bother, it’s a society of each one for himself and God for us all.

Women have been asked to stop using their children to fight the husband whenever disagreement raises up.

Why do many women use their children to fight their men when there is disagreement or fallout? What is the role of children in the relationship between a man and a woman?

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These are the un answered questions on the society, I know some animals, like crocodile females, protect their young ones by instinct from the males because the males can easily eat them, but what is the thing with human females? Are so many women still stuck at the instinctual level of consciousness?.

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Even when the male is no threat to the kids, most women will teach the kids to hate their father when they fallout. Any woman here to explain this to me?

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