Why Women Rep Position Should be Reviewed


By Muindu RACSON

There has been a debate on whether or not the 2/3 gender rule with the women’s representative position is really logically thought of.

A lot of people have been left wondering how the decision was arrived at, with prominent leaders like controversial Gatundu South MP quoted saying being a woman is not a disability.

The bigger lot who vote during general elections is women, posing an obvious question;
If women as the bigger voting lot are not restricted on who to vote, who’s responsible for not having women elected largely on the ballot run?

Must you bring one seat to the door only for women? Is that equity or forcing equality?

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There has been pressure to show the outside world that as a country we are working on gender equality but this one looks like going too far.

This has been described by observers like a situation where you give bananas to a bunch of monkeys and still go ahead to pick one for the lazy one and peel it for it.

Whether you’re still going ahead to hold it for the monkey to eat is something, but to clarify on the analogy, the point is not on laziness but on ‘spoon-feeding’.

Listening to the opinions of youths from across the country our County Diary reporter gathered that the youths have a strong opinion about the women representative position dilemma.

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Some said the position should just be abolished and forgotten while others said, they can keep it to increase the soprano sounds during parliament crowd answers like, ‘Yeeees’ or ‘Neeeeei’.

Photo file: Kenyan Parliament

There is however one that struck us different. The one suggesting that it should be shortchanged for a Youth’s Representative Post.

Only youths allowed to vie under that post and age strictly adhered to regardless of the gender. Reminding us of the historical youth slogan: Nothing is for us without us.

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This will mean that the youth population which is the largest is directly represented in the National Assembly.

This will also push or encourage the youth to turn out and vote during election’s time as they will be now electing one of their own.

Instead of the country’s Executive recycling old men who should honestly not be holding public offices, can then take that advantage to identity impressive youths from the elected lot and give them executive positions.

That will go a long way in increasing youths representation in the country and position the country in a better place to have youthful and responsible leaders in future.