It isnt a myth. It is an esoteric fact. What is sex anyway? It is the physical merger of two poles of energy, male and female. Male is positive, female negative. Now lets understand a woman’s aggression when she lacks sex.

A person has 7 bodies with their corresponding energy centres or chakras. In the first four bodies, the duality of male and female persists. However, the polarity of the bodies alternate in the male and female.

The physical body of a man is male. The next body (etheric or emotional body) is female. The third body (astral body) is male and the fourth body (mental body) is female. The reverse is true in a woman.

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The physical body of a woman is female. The second body is male.

When a woman misses physical union with a man, her second body which is male in polarity is activated. All male bodies are aggressive by nature. Thats why non aggressive men (like Jesus) have no appeal to women.

So when a woman is being aggressive, it is her second body making love to her inwardly. Thats why after a bout of rage and anger she feels relieved just as she feels relaxed and soft after physical sex.