Why Wiper MAY withdrawal from kitui Governor’s contest



It’s becoming too hectic and hot for the wiper top henchmen to broke deal between their two leading gubernatorial candidates for Kitui county.

The party leadership has been holding series of meetings to reach a consensus on who will fly the wiper ticket in kitui in vain.

The former kitui boss Dr Malombe has insisted on a direct party nomination based on opinion polls, ambassador kiema kilonzo has insisted on fair and variable party nomination process.

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Wiper boss is reportedly very bitter with Dr Malombe and ambassador Kiema kilonzo for failing to agree on the mode to arrive at picking the candidate among the two.

If the party certificate is issued in un variable manner and undemocratic process, the move will be challenged in the court of law.

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“Wiper may withdrawal their candidate in kitui for Governor in August polls, and support another friendly candidate”, a source privy to negotiation animated.