Why University Girls/Boys Must Avoid Sponsors


10th April 2019

By Our Reporter

It’s Becoming a phenomenon in our generation today, we must address this trend head on to safeguard our future generation.

It’s very disheartening for parents to spend their entire fortune paying for school fees of their children only to hear the child has been hacked to death by his boyfriend or girlfriend.

Following the increasing incidents of ‘love butchering resulting from men and women who are emotionally unstable, it’s paramount to remind ourselves these few things that will keep us from falling into victims of fatal love and attraction, Men stop investing in women who are not your wives.

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“A woman is not yours and belongs to the community until she has agreed to be wiped by you.

Kindly remember that you don’t own women by virtue they’re your girlfriend. As long as she’s just a girlfriend then she’s someone’s else daughter and potential wife/mother.

access your mental stability if you realize that you can’t get over a breakup, avoid spending on gifts to women who are not your wives in a bid to lure them into a relationship.It never works.

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Gifts will be accepted but their hearts will never be yours if they don’t want you.

Ladies avoid accepting gifts and financial tokens from men you know very well you’ll never love, avoid giving men you don’t love high hopes and fake relationships, Avoid getting back with your ex,es or re-igniting dead relationships.

choose your words carefully when you decline a man’s love proposal,Don’t be rude or talk of your other existing relationships
avoid saying ‘yes’ just to please a guy or to make him stop nagging you,steer clear of your home town village boys,

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Why start relationships which will never see the light of the day? be clear and precise from the beginning. Many women are perishing because they falsely lead men into their lives.

If he’s not your type avoid him, stop giving him green lights and stop having temporary relationships (kujishikilia) as you look for a sponsor or your class.

please avoid friend zoning men. It’s either you take him or leave,

Think about it, think of the future.