By Peter Amunga

The Teachers Training Colleges must be restructured to conform to the expected global standards of helping the free thinking teacher.

I used to teach drama at Kericho TTC. I would sympathize with the students. The college was so strict on them. It was like a military camp. Even my own high school students at Kisumu day had more freedom than my drama team at the TTC.

They had to wear uniform. Old men and women wearing uniform, asking for leave out chits…. directed by bells.

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The students had spies among them who will report to college administration to get favours. A fellow teacher trainee would be a prefect loading it on others, threatening them, reporting others etc. You will see the poor trainees being punished. some being slapped by tutors, suspended etc.

To me.. a teachers training college does not help in producing an all rounded, free thinking teacher. Many come out of those colleges infested with fear and hate. Others come out like Stephen Onditi aka Agoi thinking they are prefects to report others and praise the regime. For small favours like a promotion they become petitioners in a case sponsored by the employer to fight their union.

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To them, TSC is a God. They worship TSC They cannot imagine someone telling the oppressors in TSC to stop harassing teachers.

You may notice that most idle petty noise on social media platforms is,from TTC graduates. The reason why many are petty, are full of fear, hate and are frustrated is how the TTC trained them.

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TSC knows this very well. They use the fact that ttc graduates are badly conditioned to enslave teachers. They use it to Divide and rule us. They use them to spy and fight each other.

For us to have a vibrant union like UASU or KMPDU or KUPPET…. we must address the training teachers get at the TTCS.