Why The Next Kitui Election Will be Won or Lost On Social Media



Opinion: As political fever in Kitui county continue to jolts and draw mixed reactions from members of the public, It’s Clear as Day and Night that the next election will be won first on social media sites.

The media space in Kenya can not be ignored, voters have the privilege to speak their minds and will influence the outcome, ignore Media at your own pace.

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Each Candidate Must structure campaign Message and advocacy strategy to:

  • Identify your campaign goals, objectives and main “ask”;
  • Analyse the policies that will support or block your desired goal;
  • Identify the groups or decision makers that need to be influenced to make these changes;
  • Identify your key messages keenly.

It is to get those who agree with their ideas to support them when running for a political position.

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The message often must consists of several Talking Points about policy issues. The points summarize the main ideas of the campaign and are repeated frequently in order to create a lasting impression with the voters.

The winning political campaign is most often the one that takes the time to target voters, develops a persuasive message and follows through …

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Each gubernatorial candidate will and Must have his or her structured Media personalities and well-networked social media gurus.