Why The Jordan Hospital Is Among Top Health facility In Kenya



Just one Kilometre from Kitui town lies a hidden Jowell the place where life matters, chastised the Jordan Hospital, a 24-hour hospital in Kitui county – A home to over 100 highly qualified, competent, experienced, and dedicated staff members.

The Staffs are the drivers of the hospital’s success and are committed to the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient care and satisfaction, the COUNTY DIARY Reports.

The Hospital facility is under the leadership of Dr. Joshua M. Matu – The Distinguished Consultant Urologist and a laparoscopic surgeon, who deals with surgical and medical diseases of men and women in Kenya and abroad.

Photo file: Dr. Joshua M. Matu – MB;ChB, M. MED, D. UROL, F.MAS, D.MAS Consultant Urological / Laparoscopic Surgeon Member – World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons ,Member – Societe’ Internationale d’Urologie Member- European Association of urology,Member – Pan-Africa Association of Urological Surgeons, Member – Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons.

Dr. Matu has practiced Endoscopic/ laparoscopic and general Adult/pediatric Urological surgery for many years after intensive training.

“He is a member of Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons, member of pan Africa Association of Urological surgeons, A member of European Association of Urological surgeons and member of International Society of Urology”.

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Patients benefit from Jordan hospital’s unique team-based approach to care, which enables them to benefit from the diverse expertise of the entire Jordan team of Dedicated medical professionals. Dr. Matu Told County diary.

“We practice an evidence-based approach to medicine, driven by the cutting-edge research conducted by experienced faculty members.

Jordan hospital’s approach to care is guided by its core principles of Quality health care Access, Impact, Relevance, and touching lives.

According to Dr. Matu, his Dream is to make Kitui a catheter free county in collaboration with Kenya association of urological surgeons.

The registration is ongoing and will close on 30th January 2021.

The operation will be performed on 21st to 23rd Feb 2021 at Jordan hospital by all leading Urologists in the country and foreign faculty.

kindly pass this very important information to those in need and make as many referrals as possible, Dr Matu say.

The hospital offers free Surgery to all cleft lip /palate patients . They also offer free transport and food for the needy cases in Kitui county and beyond.

The Hospital offers the best ICU Services at very competitive rates.

They also Offer dialysis/ kidney failure services.

All children of inderterminate sex ( Intersex ) are operated free, The registration is ongoing – to close on 30th January 2021.

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The Jordan Hospital recovery ward ( PACU)
The morden Jordan Hospital infrastructure in Kitui.
The morden Hospital theatre.

The Jordan Hospital is the only centre in eastern and central region where laser treatment for kidney stones and Tumours is available. Dr Matu has said.

All advanced laparoscopic and endoscopic services are Available on daily basis complimented with latest imaging services.

The Hospital has Established, The Jordan Hospital Medical College – a mid-level tertiary Institution founded in 2019, it’s located in a serene environment at the heart of Kitui town.

The institution offers the Following Courses:


1.Perioperative theatre Technology- two years ( 6 Trimesters).
2.Health records and information technology – two years (6 Trimester)

3.Health community assistant – two years( 6 Trimester)

4.Nutrition and Dietetics – three years ( 9 Trimester)


1.Nutrition and dietetics – two years( 6 Trimester)

2.Perioperative Theatre Technology – One year ( three Trimester)

3.Health services Support – one year(Three Trimester)

4.Community services support – One year ( 3 Trimester)

5 Health Records and information technology – one year(3 trimesters)

The Jordan Hospital Medical College Intake is currently ongoing. For More Information Contact, Tel +254794588868

The Jordan Hospital Medical College, The Centre for Medical Education for best practices in Health Care. Welcome, all.