Why Taskforce will Offer Permanent Solution to Sand Woes


By Hellen Masimbu

The formation of a Sand Harvesting and Management Taskforce by Governor Julius Malombe has been hailed as one of the wisest moves in addressing sand harvesting woes in the County.

The Governor appointed and gazetted Sand Harvesting and Management Taskforce 2023 with a view to streamlining the sand harvesting business for the benefit of the county residents.

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The task force led by chairperson Esther Mwende Musili will investigate the current sand harvesting and transport situation in kitui county.

It will then propose ways of aligning the sand activities to established regulations geared towards environmental conservation and revenue generation for the County.

The task force has the face of the County as it draws its members from across all the eight (8) subcounties.

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It is a taskforce for the people by the people to ensure that locals come up with solutions for their own challenges, County Diary Digital reports.

The taskforce will benchmark with other counties that have established clear policies and laws governing sand harvesting and management such as Makueni County which has a semi autonomous Sand Authority.

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It will also identify sand catchment zones with high potential for sand harvesting and transportation.

The County Government under Governor Malombe is committed to proper environmental conservation as well as ensuring that rivers and riparian lands are not destroyed but are conserved for current and future generations.