Whenever it happens that something of the pure truth is expressed, is sung, the society starts becoming uneasy about it.

It is natural, because the society has a very pseudo kind of religion – comfortable, convenient, consolatory.

It has false temples to worship in, false gods to worship, false priests to follow. And it is very convenient because they don’t disturb your life. You can remain a Christian. In fact, it never disturbs your life – on the contrary, it helps your life.

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The so-called society, the so-called society’s rules, moralities – you fit better if you are a Christian. But to follow Christ is dangerous.

No Christian ever follows Christ – cannot follow. In fact, being a Christian is a way of avoiding Christ. To be a Buddhist is a way of avoiding Buddha. If you really love Buddha, then you would like to become a Buddha, you would like to become a Buddhist.

Why should one want to become a Christian? Either be Christ or forget all about it! But Christ is dangerous. He was not killed by immoral people, bad people; he was killed by good people, respectable people. Remember it always.

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Buddha was not attacked by the criminals. He was attacked by those who you can never think of as criminals – good people, moral people, puritans. Why does it happen? Jesus is killed by rabbis, religious people, scholars, priests – in every way good. Their lives are completely clean, people who have character. And he was loved by people who have no character – a Magdalen.

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A prostitute followed Jesus, and rabbis killed him! Thieves and drunkards and gamblers followed Jesus, and rabbis killed him.

All the so-called saints were against him and the so-called sinners were for him – what kind of world is this? What paradox? Why has it been happening always? There is a certain reason in it.