Why Public Participation bill is key for County Governments


-by yoana kim

16th January 2019

The Public participation is a “word’ which is not new to those who agitate for good governance and transparency in government matters, Its a critical legal requirement but an equally important aspect of mass mobilization and public awareness creation/education for any important public project. It must be grounded on a comprehensive communication strategy and implementation plan to succeed.

However, in Many Counties, it’s only a political byword bandied in barazas by asking people to wave and then declare ” visa-vis, in public participation to be effective the county Assemblies Must enact a frame work that will guide the process, so that the naive lot in all the devolved Units do not be used as conveyor belt by clever politicians. In Many occasions they anxious for the sh100 handout roar, ” iiiii” to hasten the palm oiler.

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That’s totally misguided Approach and such casualness is causing massive casualties for all Governors in Kenya in their development gems.

In many counties they have failed to attract the necessary public acceptance such as the previous regime’s CLIDP, Pro Poor Support Programme (bursary) any many more

In kitui Only the Mbee Nzei slogan has received wide popularity not withstanding the sarcasm, mockery and scorn it attracts in equal measure just like the Kiuutani kya Uthui of Ndengu Revolution fame, but the county is growing strong.

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Unless a more serious approach to public participation frame work is developed and embraced, even the most well meaning county government initiatives, though noble will end up with a scandalous ring