Why Prof Magoha is a Bitter Man


By Dr.Mulwa.

He walked from university of Nairobi as a retired world class academician and a lead professor of professors with one of the longest curricular vitae in the history of Kenya. !

If asked immediately after exit from the university of Nairobi as vice chancellor , the professor would not emagine of getting a job due to his age but luckily enough he retired in a nation where promises are to the youths and jobs to the old.!

This subjected him to a seemingly ridiculed interaction with closer to the ranks workmates seemingly certified probably from river road , according to him he can learn nothing from this environment apart from distress !

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The professor has found himself in a deplorable road in the administration and may contemplate exit , this is simply because of the class of people around him was not his expectation in the first place.

” according to him these people are potential of publicly tearing down his long experience and diluting the face value of his hard earned certifications”!

The good prof was caught up in an altercation with Education official.

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In a statement on Friday, the Commission’s Communications Director Browne Kutswa said the functions had been now handed over to Basic Education PS Richard Belio Kipsang.

“PSC Chairman Stephen Kirogo in a circular addressed to chairpersons of Public Universities Councils and copied to the Head of Public Service Dr Joseph Kinyua, said all human resource matters requiring the attention of the PSC shall henceforth be handled by Dr Kipsang as Authorized Officer of the Ministry until further notice,” Kutswa said.