Why People love you


By Guest contributor

No one loves you, no one hates you. People are just who they are, and thats what they project or send to the world, you included! Like energy seeks like energy, and so when my energy finds its vibrational match in you, I will call you a friend and when it doesnt, I will be indifferent to you or at worst, hate you.

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This has nothing completely to do with you but everything to do with me. Have you ever noticed if you hate a particular person for whatever reason, you tend to rally others to hate the person too? The reverse is also true with love. You want everybody to love the person you love.

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It is all about vibrational matching. Nothing personal. Your vibration rate is directly proportional to your level of spiritual development.

Why is this important to know? It will help you never to take people’s actions personally. It will protect you from being hurt when you are “rejected” and it will keep you grounded when you are “loved”.