“Why Pastor Nganga lost his temper in the house of God! The Truth; The plain truth!!


By our reporter

After pastor Ng’ang’a was remanded for several days pending hearing of his application to be released on bond After being taken to court by flamboyant citizen TV journalist Linus Kaikai over death threats,

some bishops went to console Ng’ang’a’s wife.Reportedly, one Bishop is filmed asking the wife for permission to touch her…., another one dared to caress her…..

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The notorious one is overheard boasting to the wife how he’s good in bed (unlike Ng’ang’a).
As a faithful wife, she blasted them.

She rejected sexual advances prompted by the hungry sex pests. She threatened to report them to pastor Ng’ang’a. Which She did.Ladies and gentlemen, play with anything else, but never joke with somebody’s wife. Even the wife of person who’s on their death bed.

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It hurts the hearts. It injures the soul. Real men protects their wives.We will share with you video evidence showing the bishops making sex attempts to the wife of our beloved Pastor.”