Why Ngilu’s Trusted allies want a cabinet reshuffle


Opinion : A section of supporters who back Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu have called for the reorganisation of the cabinet and form government of county Unity ahead of 2022.

In a heated online debate on Sunday, 9th August on Kitui Professional Chat, an online WhatsApp forum comprising who is who in Kitui county and opinion leaders said Governor Charity Ngilu needs cabinet members who can help her to deliver, rather than having people who have no clout on the ground.

“The Governor needs results oriented officers, by now all CECM should have something to show, like the CECM for Trade who has brought forth Kitui county Textile Centre, (KICOTEC)


Some of the Members observed that the Governor has initiated several life changing programs but a lot needs to be done.

lawrence Musyoka : There seems to be a lot of bad blood between the CA and the CE, a disunity that may affect service delivery to Kitui people. It’s high time our Governor should revisit and reorganize her CE. Some of her officers seem to have fueled this anomaly and impasse. My take though.

No need of impeachment, the Governor NEEDS to Re-organise the Executive. Governor needs people who can help her!

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Currently she is alone, she is doing a lot of work for herself,
As for MCAs, you (guys) NEED to help the Governor Ngilu to deliver not to frustrate her. The current stumbling block in our Government is RUMOUR MILLERS.

Lawrence Musyoka: She needs honest people to tell her what is bedevilling her Administration, Such malicious officers who are always in constant unnecessary “war” with the CA and uncalled for profiling of true friends of the Governor…all these for their selfish gains at the expense of the Governor’s political future.

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Every CECM should have something to show by now, I salute Waziri Mumo.
We have KICOTEC.

In the face of hostilities between CA and CE and widespread opposition in county, Governor NGILU must explore the possibility of rebranding her government by forming a unity government that includes her hardline critics in the same way as the Handshake in the national arena.