Why Ngilu should abandon gubernatorial Politics


By Iko Siku

She was and is still a respected and formidable Kenya’s second liberation heroine. Hate or love her, nobody can take that from her.

Charity Kaluki Ngilu commanded great respect across the country as a brave political activist, Minister for many years and was invincible as the longest serving Kitui Central MP.

And that is why she easily won the governorship with a landslide beating a strong incumbent Dr Julius Malombe and seasoned public administrator and politician David Musila.

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In 2017, she brought into the Kitui political scene a meticulous campaign machinery matched with superb oratory and mobilization skills gained over the years and easily connected to the voters’ psyche and needs.

During her campaigns, she inspired and stirred the entire community, both old and young, with a promise of a new Kitui hinched on exploitation of her local resources. She carried along a huge kiondo that symbolised the bounty in the county.

Five years down, despair, desolation, acrimony and hatred; contestation and conflicts; insults and contempt; endless tales of corruption amid grinding poverty, misery and hopelessness rule the air.

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And for all this, Ngilu is blamed without any consideration for her past and current sucesses.

She has been dragged into the mud of petty politics, innuendo and outright insults from minnows not withstanding her invincible and respected national stature.

For Charity Kaluki Ngilu to have chosen to soil her hands and reputation in county politics with the resultant threat of destroying her hard earned national stature was her biggest blunder.


And after five years at the helm of Kitui county she knows it.

Now that she is currently latched once again at the top echelons of national politics as a key cog in the Azimio la Umoja, it is time to redeem her stature as an icon of Kenyan politics.

The daughter of the mighty Amutei Clan must quit the child play politics of Kitui county and go where she belongs…the national arena.