Why Ngilu Remains unbowed as Musila Moves to Control larger Mwingi



The adage says – you can not do the same things on and on and expect different results; as it stands out today beating Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu will not be a walk in the park despite the ground being restless.

As it stands out today! The contest is zeroing in to major horses, Namely Governor Ngilu, ex Governor Dr Malombe, Ambassador kiema Kilonzo all from larger Kitui and Hon David Musila from Mwingi.

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The Gubernatorial contest will be Mwingi Vs the larger Kitui whether we pretend to bury our heads from the sand or not, the tyranny of numbers will carry the day.

Kitui will not allow the county top seat to go to Mwingi, the three Governors candidates from larger kitui are likely to square a deal fails to which it will be Messy noise and with casualties. Hard truth..

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The incumbent Governor Ngilu still controls – kitui Central, Kitui rural, kitui west and parts of Kitui East as her political base, Anyone ignoring that fact will be in for a rude shock. Ikakunwa mundu akome sivitali

Hon David Musila has Mwingi central, Mwingi West, Mwingi North and parts of Kitui East and kitui west.

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Dr Malombe will control Kitui south, parts of Kitui rural and Tharaka sub-county.

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