Reasons Ngilu Must be Happiest Woman On Earth Today!



OPINION: Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu might just be the happiest woman on Earth at least politically – and for myriad reasons.

As the Kitui gubernatorial race continues to attract several candidates (not opponents) especially two years to the General Elections in 2022, the seemingly bitter Mwingi residents seems to have made up their mind on the current county leadership!


Consider this. The hullabaloo sorrounding the entrance of former Kitui Senator Hon. David Musila to the race will be a big plus for the incumbent. We will tell you why!

Sources have it that the ageing man from Mwingi west has thrown his hat in the ring! Not to win but to spoil wiper chances of winning the seat, The county diary has learnt.

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Now according to the political pundits and analysts, the hitherto celebrated former Kitui Senator David will be playing the Spoil card for Julius Malombe.

The two politicians who can not see eye to eye due to their political differences have just set themselves up for a thunderous failure AGAIN.

Word is that a section of Musila followers have been overheard saying that it’s Better Ngilu than Malombe!

And so, it will come to pass that Governor Ngilu might be heading straight to a landslide victory in 2022. Politicians can now bet!.

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That is considering that during the upcoming general suffrage Mwingi will produce a gubernatorial candidate.

“If the general election were to be held today between Governor Ngilu and Dr Malombe. Malombe would carry the day” pundits say.

But since it will require three months campaigning in Kitui county, it will be hard to unseat Governor Ngilu who’s political magic bag is undoubtedly.

“Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka who usually plays the Fatherly card in Ukambani is likely not to campaign against the incumbent despite having a candidate in the party”

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“If Musila would have joined his former Wiper party by now, he would likely be awarded the coveted Wiper ticket to unseat against Ngilu, but since he quit the party in a huff early years back, Malombe will be awarded Wiper ticket – that way his entry will be interpreted as the spoiler card for wiper candidate.

The Mwingi residents have a feeling that, the larger Kitui have marginalised them.

They have never accepted Governor Ngilu despite having over 3 Ministers deputy Governor and top officers in Ngilu’s Government from Mwingi – no wonder they keep asking for Mwingi County.

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