Why Ngilu is Keeping Her Political Enemies guessing


By Ikota Mwithe.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has continued to receive banquets and accolades from the power that be.

Consequently, she has left her political competitors guessing on her next move as far as the Building bridges Initiative is concerned (BBI).

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is set to pave way for the national referendum which is inevitable in the country.

Being a senior woman leader in the country, she can not be ignored, she can make a perfect Deputy President in the next Government, or perhaps the Deputy Prime Minister or retain her position as a Governor of kitui county.

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There are several leaders Including Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo, the former Governor Dr. Julius Malombe, David Musila among others who are salivating for her position two years to the general election, will she go for the top seat or keep her gubernatorial job which is guaranteed, we have no idea.

Despite the wider scheme by Wiper Elected Members of the county assembly to scuttle Governor’s life-changing programs, like KICOTEC, Stone crusher, Mianda Irrigation, Artificial Inseminations programs, artisanal mining programs, Ndengu Revolution programs, a sustainable revolution in the Health Sector among others.


The Governor has continued to win banquets of praise from kitui and wide.

Interestingly, her competitors are begging and fronting the son of the Wiper leader Dr. Stephen kalonzo.

As the next wiper Deputy Governor to the whoever will be given the wiper certificate for Gubernatorial race.

Kitui gubernatorial race like any other in the country will be messy, noisy and there will be political casualties.