Why Mwingi West Residents are Crying To Have Benard Kitungi Back


As the adage goes, “you will never know the value of something until the day you lose it,The development record of Mwingi west Under David Musila and subsequent Benard Kitungi were felt by the larger Mwingi, leave alone Mwingi West.

Now the residents, claiming to be defranchised nolstagic and are now regretting why they did not vote back Mr Benard Kitungi, the COUNTY DIARY, can now report.

The residents of the Karanga area, in Mwingi West, have something to be proud of, after all. Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna could be staring at an onslaught come 2022, if indications by the following interviews come to pass.

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This is after residents complained of power outages and reached out to Hon Kitungi who organized for a brand new electric power transformer.

Several electric transformers which were erected during his reign have since been broken down. “According to a resident of Migwani, a Mr Muli who gave us the following interviews did not mince his words”.

He said the residents are missing the workhollic Benard Kitungi who during his terms, initiated Megaprojects like the Thokoa Earth dam among others.

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Majority of the residents are now begging Hon Benard Kitungi to come back and do the work Hon David Musila, the father of Mwingi started.

The current young member of Parliament who was elected based on his good Manifesto has failed to deliver based on the elevated expectations of the people of mwingi west constituency Muli told Our Reporters.

Hon Charles Nguna has continued to chase after the wind majoring on the renovation of classes, but he has not initiated any major project since he was elected.

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No youth empowerment program from the current Mp is in place, according to Muli.”The Constituency Development Fund committee has been a big set back to Nguna’s political career, some of the committees are messing him big, with several voters saying “Kava Kitungi”

Our efforts to reach the sitting Mp Hon Charles Nguna for comment were fruitless before we went to Press