Why Mwingi WEST MP Nguna Wins Banquets of PRAISES From Netizens



The Sprouting Mwingi West Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna Has Continued to win Banquets of Praises from his constituency and far beyond the borders.

The development record being witnessed under the current Legislator in Mwingi West is something that should be echoed by all people of good will, the County Diary Has Learnt.

From water Provision, Education sector, Roads connectivity, Construction of administration offices within the constituency, fair distribution of bursary to needy students and so forth. Muli, a voter in Mwigwani disclosed to Media reporters.

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Roads are the arteries through which the economy pulses. Good road network is essential for the economic development.

On this note, Hon Charles Nguna, MP through KERRA FY 2020/21 has commenced / completed/commencing soon, scoops of work including upgrading , grading , culverting , slabbing and expansion of the following roads

▪️Migwani – kwa mbuta – Kanyaa Road (completed)
▪️Mberia – Kakululo – nzawa- kakeani Road (completed)
▪️Kairungu – musonoke Road (completed)
▪️Kang’utheni – kyamboo – kikongoni Road (completed)
▪️Ngwaano drift (completed)
▪️Kisovo – Ithengeli Road (Ongoing)
▪️Kasanga – kwa muthusi Road (ongoing)
▪️Kyusyani – Thaana nzau Road (ongoing)
▪️Malatani – Wikivuvwa Road (ongoing)
▪️Winzyeei – Ithenze Road (Ongoing)
▪️KwaKari- Mukongoro Road (Commencing soon)
▪️Kakululo -Nzalae Road (Commencing soon)
▪️Kwa Muthusi -Kyusyani Road (Commencing soon)
▪️Mumbuni- Mwanzilu Road (Commencing soon)
▪️Kwa musee drift (commencing soon)
▪️Kwa velela drift (commencing soon)
▪️Ithenze drift (commencing soon)
▪️Kasyathyu drift (commencing soon)
▪️ Katoteni – Beria Road (commencing soon)

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These roads will link up the entire Constituency and bring widespread benefits to the constituents by lowering the costs incurred during the transport of goods and services.

We will be documenting some of the life changing projects from Mwingi West, keep it here