Why Mutha Gospel Singer Mary Mwendwa Is The Next Big Thing



Perhaps the most talked about Gospel single from Mary Mwendwa right now is the song “Yesu Niwe Ngai”.

Listening to the new gospel ballad by the Mutha-based artiste from the slopes of Kalembwani in Mutha forces one to conclude that the budding artiste is slated for higher heights.

The captivating song available on YouTube will make fans marvel at the chemistry and luscious melodies the artiste is creating both on CD albums and live performance.

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While her soprano compliments each her unique style, her delivering power will be loved by fans.

“Mary brings a musical ballad straight from heaven’s gates, says her brother who is a renowned lower eastern blogger.

. “It’s Personal” is a befitting title for one of the most transparent artist and testimonies to come forth in Gospel music in a while.

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“Once fans realized the album was available, many took to social media to spread the word about one of the most anticipated albums of the year” says Yohana Kimwele, his biological brother and Publisher at COUNTY DIARY.

Mary takes listeners through a worship and praise experience and shows her individuality.

Listen, Subscribe to her Youtube channel.